PALAZZO NONFINITO (unfinished palace)

 Firenze, Via del Proconsolo 12
Construction began in 1593, at the expenses of Alessandro Strozzi. The building was designed by Bernardo Buontalenti, to whom we owe the beautiful gateway that opens onto Borgo Albizi, the ground floor and the top floor. Alessandro Strozzi had to call upon the financial assistance of his brother Roberto, who became the sole proprietor of the building in 1597. When Roberto's work called him to Venice, he put Vincenzo Scamozzi in charge of supervising the construction work; Scamozzi only completed the second floor; it was Giovanni Cacini who finished the facade on via del Proconsolo and who placed the coat of arms of the Strozzi family at the corner of the two streets. In 1802, the building became the property of Giovanni Guati, who sold it to the government ten years later: it became the seat of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and of the Police Headquarters of the Lorraines. When Florence became capital of Italy after the unification, the building housed the State Counsel; it later housed the offices of the postal and telegraph services. Since 1920, it houses the Universtity's Institute of Anthropology and the National Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology, one of Italy's most important museums of the arts, traditions and customs of non-European cultures. 

Department of Psychology

Via di San Salvi 12, Building 26, Sala Chiarugi (Chiarugi Room), Florence


The Unfinished Palazzo and the Departnment of Psychology are in or near the city center.

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