From Cognitive Activity to Artificial Self Awareness

Cognitive science, social psychology, socio-physics, and computer science: models and experiments

Dissemination Workshop

June 18th 2013

Centre for the Study of Complex Dynamics

Invited Speakers

Prof. Steven SlomanBrown University (USA)

Prof. Guillaume Deffuant – Irstea (Fr)

Dot. Josè RamascoUniversity of the Balearic Island (ES)

Steering Commettee

Prof. Roger Whitaker – University of Cardiff (Uk)

Dott.ssa Rosapia Lauro-Grotto - University of Florence (IT)

Dott. Andrea Passarella - Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT) - CNR, Pisa (IT)

Jennifer  Willies – Project Manager - Awareness coordination action - Napier University (Uk)


Morning: A Tri-Partite model of Cognition: Decision Making and Problem Solving processing models.

Chair: Dott. Rosapia Lauro-Grotto - Department of Health sciences, University of Florence

Afternoon: Sociophysics of the human virtual dynamics: Theoretical approach and experimental results.

Chair: Dott. Andrea Passarella  - Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT), Italian National Research Council (CNR), Pisa

Round Table

Title: From Cognitive Activity to Artificial Self Awareness: open challenges and new insights

Moderator:  Dr. Franco Bagnoli

Panelists:  S. Sloman, G. Deffuant, R. Whitaker, J. Willies, R. Lauro-Grotto, A. Passarella, M. Ӧnen

Workshop Purpose: The aim of this workshop is to disseminate the main results and the cognitive inspired models developed whithin the RECOGNITION FP7 project. The target of the project was the development of a cognitive inspired model to equip the self awareness at the level of the ICT systems.

The multidisciplinar consortium of the RECOGNITION project covered the scientific domains involved by the topic, and each partner has applied the theoretical architecture developed by the cognitive unit of the consortium to its specific field of expertise. The researches and the most important results obtained so far by the consortium are going to be part of the objects of the workshop’s talks.

The aim of this workshop is that of promoting a discussion about the interplay among evolutive and experimental cognitive psychology, physics-style models and simulations, experiments in the virtual (web) sphere and computer science applications. This workshop is motivated also by the dissemination of results of the UE project RECOGNITION that is essentially rooted on these research fields.

Workshop Description:The workshop is going to be structured in one day, that will be dedicated to the talks given by the invited international speakers, and from the members of the consortium. The event will support the connection among computer scientists, psychologists and physicians, in order to discuss about the results reached by the project and about the future perspectives opened by such results. The morning will be dedicated to the presentation of the Tri-Partite model of cognition developed by the RECOGNITION project. The session will be opened by the Invited talk of the professor Steven Sloman, from the Brown University, (USA). The afternoon session will be dedicated to the sociophysical and the psychosocial approach to the study of the virtual human dynamics and of the “Collective Computing”. The afternoon will begin with the invited talks of the professor Guillaume Deffuant, from the Irstea (France), and of the Doctor Josè Ramasco, from the univesity of the Baleares (Spain).

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