Welcome to VirtHulab the Human Virtual Dynamics Lab: the challenge is to modeling Human Cognition and Cognitive Heuristics in virtual environments, through statistical mechanics and complex system science tools. The main topics of our current activity are: Virtual Social Dynamics, Cognitive Evolutive Systems, Design Cognitive Heuristic Models, Modelling of Self Awareness.

October, 11th, 2013 -
 La Realtà Virtuale: un’innovativa tecnica di distrazione per il controllo del dolore da procedura 
Aula Magna 2° piano, AOU Meyer 14.30 - 17.00 

Department of Science of Education and Psychology, University of Florence

The VirtHuLab community is composed by professors, researchers and students who participate at the scientific activities of the laboratory. Its role is to develop and supervise the educational and research program of the VirtHuLab. The Scientific Network is currently composed by members coming from different university in the world, and it is open to new affiliates interested in its activity.