We are a group of researchers based at the Department of Physics, University of Florence. Our research interests embrace different fields of applications and fall in the widespread realm of complex systems. More precisely, we work at the frontiers of different disciplinary domains, by applying statistical mechanics and non linear dynamics tools to a large gallery of problems that range from biology, social sciences and chemistry. We also aim at contributing to the development of the general theory of non equilibrium statistical mechanics, with particular emphasis to the study of long range interacting systems. 

The group participates to the PhD school in Non Linear Dynamics and Complex Systems. We are committed to the education of young researchers and we train them to operate at the  interface of distinct disciplinary contexts.  We are also part of the Interdepartmental Center for the Study of Complex Dynamics (CSDC) and work in close connection with the Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) of CNR in Florence.

You can find here the material for the tutorial at the Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems 2014 ISCS2014